Photo by Art Bicnick

Kristín Jónsdóttir, group leader of nature conservation at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, has advised dog owners to leave their pets at home when heading up to Geldingadalur.

In a short post on Twitter, Kristín states that mineral measurements indicate that fluoride is found in puddles around the eruption site, in addition to which the pH value of the water is high.

Kristín has also pointed out that fluoride poisoning could potentially be life threatening to dogs.

Save our dogs!

In Hundasamfélagið, a Facebook page with over 42 thousand members coming together to discuss their doggy needs and everything related to looking after their dogs, there has been lots of debate about whether it is okay to bring dogs to the area.

Last Sunday, one member posted pictures of a stray dog ??in the area, which was said to have gone very close to the lava field at one point.

It is clear that people are divided as to whether to bring dogs as some think that bringing the dogs out to run around in the area is good but many are concerned about the gas in the area that could affect the dogs.

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