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Alabama: EPA to test Alabama residents for PFOA

Source: Blogs @ The Charleston Gazette | December 2nd, 2009 | By Ken Ward Jr.
Industry type: Perfluorinated chemicals

Sustained Outrage readers who are following issues surrounding PFOA, or C8, will be interested in a story out today in several media outlets in Alabama.

The Decatur Daily reports that federal Environmental Protection Agency officials plan to test about 200 area residents to determine the levels of PFOA and related chemicals in their blood.

EPA officials apparently announced the plan during a meeting Tuesday night in Moulton, Ala., in an area where sewage sludge contaminated with the chemicals was dumped on farmland. EPA has been investigating after learning that a local C8-maker, Daikin America, had discharged process wastewater into the area’s municipal sewage treatment plan. Sludge from the plant — apparently contaminated with C8 — was applied to local farmland used for both crops and cattle grazing.

The Decatur Daily story also mentions that EPA is planning to issue a new health advisory for PFOA, aimed at addressing long-term health risks from drinking contaminated water — something that the last-minute Bush administration advisory did not address.

A local television station, WAAY-TV, also had coverage of the EPA meeting.