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Alkame launches 100% fluoride-free premium drinking water for infants and children

Source: Press Release: Alkame Holdings, Inc. | June 18th, 2014

Alkame Holdings, Inc. ALKM -5.71% (otcqb:ALKM), a health and technology holding company with a focus on patentable, innovative, and eco-friendly consumer products, is pleased to announce that it has added a 100% Fluoride-Free Premium Drinking Water for infants and children to its premium bottled water lineup. The Company has already begun shipping the new one gallon large format bottles to select retailers and distributors throughout the Alkame distribution network.

“The launch of our newest 100% fluoride-free premium drinking water product for infants and children is our first step towards expanding the use of Alkame’s patented water formulation into other non-traditional high-demand consumer bottled water markets,” stated Robert Eakle, CEO of Alkame Holdings, Inc. “A 100% fluoride-free bottled water product for infants and children is just one of the many important potential uses for our ultra-hydration water that we eventually hope to commercialize.”

Although water fluoridation has been widely used in the United States since the 1950’s, there is a growing global awareness of the risks of fluoride exposure and toxicity, particularly in infants and children. In fact, dozens of studies have now associated elevated fluoride exposure with neurological impairment in children. Many pro-fluoride dental organizations have since voiced concerns about the supplementation an infant’s diet with fluoride. The American Dental Association (ADA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) have now issued recommendations that infants under six months of age should receive no fluoride supplementation.

Eakle continued, “But avoiding fluoride supplements at your dentist’s office shouldn’t be the only fluoride concern for parents. An even bigger problem is the daily use of fluoridated water in the preparation of infant formula and cereal. This can expose kids to an astonishing 4x more fluoride than any other direct fluoride supplement. The daily use of Alkame’s 100% Fluoride-Free Premium Drinking Water can reduce this dangerous fluoride exposure to ZERO. Alkame’s 100% Fluoride-Free Premium Drinking Water also has another important use as an unflavored, great tasting, and cost-effective electrolyte replacement for quickly treating severe dehydration when the kids are sick. “

Eakle concluded, “We know that fluoride concerned parents across the country will appreciate the multi-use convenience and safety of adding Alkame 100% Fluoride-Free Premium Drinking Water to their regular grocery purchase.”

For additional information about water fluoridation and infant fluoride exposure, Alkame recommends that readers visit the Fluoride Action Network at www.fluoridealert.org and www.fluoridealert.org/issues/infant-exposure .

About Alkame Holdings, Inc.

Alkame Holdings, Inc. is a publicly traded health and technology holding company with a focus on patentable, innovative, and eco-friendly consumer products. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Alkame Water, Inc., markets and distributes micro-clustered, alkaline, antioxidant and oxygenated bottled water utilizing an exclusive patented formula and technology. Alkame’s patented technology creates water with several unique properties which allow the body to absorb and utilize it more efficiently and help to achieve an optimal pH balance. The patented Alkame technology also increases the available oxygen content and absorbability which equates to more fuel for improved metabolic efficiency, boosted immune system, and improved cardio respiratory function.

Not all waters are created equal(TM). For more information, visit www.alkamewater.com .

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