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Allegiant Stadium capped off as roof installation is completed.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal | April 14th, 2020 | By Mick Akers
Location: United States, Nevada
Industry type: Plastics
Note from Fluoride Action Network,
The structural formula for tetrafluoroethylene

This story of the ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) material used for the stadium’s new roof is a good example of the increasing use of fluorine and fluoride in new products, and the potential for increased exposure risks. For example, the occupational risks to workers that produce the material (especially pregnant workers). If this roof catches on fire, we can expect emissions of hydrogen fluoride (HF). Years from now when the roofing material needs to be replaced, it could be shredded and incinerated, which will be yet another route of  exposure to HF. (EC)

Work crews topped off Allegiant Stadium on Tuesday, fully enclosing the $2 billion facility.

The final panels made of ETFE — ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, a fluorine-based plastic — were installed on the south end of the 65,000-seat stadium, marking the latest major milestone for the future home of the Raiders and UNLV football. The Raiders confirmed the completion to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Crews completed the roof panel installation in just over a month; it began March 11. With the stadium now completely enclosed, weather is no longer a threat to the interior of the stadium. Rain had caused minor damage in the past, following a delay in the stadium roof system process.

The translucent roof panels are designed to give the stadium an outdoor feel during day games, as they will be naturally lighted, while offering the comfort of a temperature-controlled facility.

The panels were laid on framing installed above a cable net consisting of 100 stainless steel cables that make up the roofing system.

As the roof installation is complete, landscaping, paving and concrete work and signage and lighting work are occurring around the stadium site. Inside, crews continue to install seats and the Al Davis memorial torch as well as work on the video board.

Crews are working on the stadium amid the COVID-19 pandemic because Gov. Steve Sisolak deemed construction an essential business, so project sites large and small remain active across the state.

Extra precautions are in place at the stadium, including social distancing, verbal health screening of all workers prior to entrance to the site, increased sanitation and cleaning throughout the site, staggered shift-start times and suspension of large group activities.

The stadium remains on track for the planned July 31 completion date.

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