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Alpena City has enough dry fluoride to last until about June

Source: True North Radio Network | December 30th, 2021
Location: United States, Michigan

It turns out the Alpena City Council doesn’t need to hurry to make a decision on whether to continue adding dry fluoride into the drinking water system.

Due to an issue or issues in the supply chain, the city’s supplier is having a difficult time securing dry fluoride. Council must now decide whether to find a new supplier; switch to a liquid form of additive that is toxic and dangerous to handle and would require the addition of new equipment of over $100,000; or stop adding fluoride into the drinking water system, a process that has been ongoing since 1958.

True North Radio Network reached out to SUEZ, the city’s water management company, following last week’s city council meeting, which offered citizens an opportunity to speak for or against fluoridation. SUEZ has been able to secure enough dry fluoride to last until approximately June 2022, giving council ample time to reach a decision on how to move forward.

Mike Glowinski is the Utilities Manager for SUEZ. He says that if council decides to continue with the fluoridation process, SUEZ will search for a new supplier “three months before we run out of product.”

Proponents of fluoridation point to the health benefits it provides. Opponents question the health benefits and also claim it can lead to adverse health conditions.