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Aluminum Fluoride: “A High Health Research Priority”

Source: Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) | December 4th, 2000


Dietary supplements, drinking water contaminants, and pharmaceutical agents make up the largest group of substances recently nominated by an advisory panel for testing by the National Toxicology Program, according to a notice set for publication Dec. 4.

The Federal Register notice invites comments on the 18 groups of nominated substances as well as recommended tests. NTP’s research is used to help determine whether substances should be regulated or regulated more stringently.

NTP will decide which substances it will evaluate based on several criteria including giving priority to substances that pose great concern for public or occupational health and research that could fill important data gaps, according to the notice…

Drinking Water Contaminants

Several types of drinking water contaminants were recommended for testing. They include two aluminum complexes: aluminum fluoride (CAS No. 7784-18-1) and aluminum citrate (CAS No. 31142-56-0). NTP said these were nominated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which runs NTP. The two agencies nominated the aluminum complexes because they are a “high health research priority” with “known neurotoxicity,” according to NTP materials…