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Amesbury discontinues fluoridation due to difficulty in obtaining sodium fluoride

Source: Amesbury News | Amesbury discontinues fluoridation of water | April 17th, 2009

The Amesbury Board of Health voted at its April 16 meeting to discontinue the application of fluoride to Amesbury’s drinking water, upon recommendation of the Director of the Department of Public Works.

Director of Public Works Rob Desmarais requested the discontinuance due to the variability and unreliability of the sodium fluoride supply. Changes in the sodium fluoride market have caused significant difficulty in procuring a consistent high quality product for public water application. This is the third time since 2006 the city has requested a discontinuance of fluoridation due to sodium fluoride supply availability and quality.

The Water Department has been in constant contact with the state and other communities to discuss the issue and develop solutions. However, until a satisfactory solution is developed, Water Systems Manager Jeff Mason, and Desmarais recommend a discontinuance sodium fluoride application to the water supply.

“Water users rely on a consistent application of fluoride to the water for dental hygiene. We feel an intermittent usage of fluoride is not in the best interest of the customers,” said Desmarais.

Mason and Desmarais will continue working with other officials to identify a vendor capable of consistently providing a high quality product to meet the city’s needs. In the meantime, they recommend water users contact their health care providers to determine whether fluoride tablets are recommended for them or their children.

For more information regarding fluoridation of the water supply, contact Robert Desmarais at 978- 388-8116 or rob@amesburyma.gov.

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