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Andrews calls for an end to Dublin fluoridation

Source: SouthDublinToday.ie | June 17th, 2014
Location: Ireland

This press release has been issued by Chris Andrew’s office:

Newly elected Dublin City Councillor Chris Andrews has proposed that the Government would end the practice of adding fluoride into our public water supply.

Councillor Andrews has put the following motion to the next City Council meeting…”That Dublin City Council calls on Government to introduce legislation that will ensure the immediate cessation of fluoridation of the public water supply.”

“The issue of fluoridation is increasingly topical and something that needs to be taken serious by Government” said Councillor Andrews.

Ireland is one of the last countries in Europe that adds fluoride to the public water supply and one of only two countries in the world with mandatory fluoridation of the public water supply. Cities that do not fluoridate their water include: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel, Berlin, Copenhagen, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Helsinki, London, Montreal, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo, Vancouver, Venice, Vienna, and Zurich.

Minister Alex White, who has responsibility with this issue, has insisted he will not examine the issue of fluoridation of water.

The EU in 2005 ruled water treated with fluoride is a medicine and cannot be used in the preparation of foods. Leukemia rates in the ROI has increased three per cent per year since water fluoridation began in 1964, as opposed to the rates of Leukemia in North of Ireland, which have remained stationary in the same time period.

The fluoridation of water debate has moved centre stage and with Cork City Council passing a motion calling to end fluoridation Councillor Chris Andrews has said Dublin City Council must support Cork and let Government know that Dublin City Council want an end to fluoridation.

If this motion is passed it will put the Government under pressure to end fluoridation of water. If someone wants fluoride in their water then the onus should be on them to deal to with the fluoride issue but the rest of the country should not have it imposed on them. It’s about choice and the public should have the choice to deal with it on an individual basis. Fluoridation of water is effectively mass medication and must end.