Neighbors in Macomb County’s Harrison Township are concerned about a dangerous acid spill that could affect their water supply. Environmental crews have been working all day long to clean up the mess, but they are afraid the acid could seep into the ground and react with water pipes.

Evacuation notices have been posted on several Hickler Lane homes. Just feet away, environmental workers in white HAZMAT suits continue to clean up thousand of gallons of spilled acid.

“It didn’t smell real good around here. I just didn’t think anything of it until later on this afternoon, I saw all the caution tape,” said neighbor Annette Crawford.

Around 3,000 gallons of a chemical known as hydrofluosilic acid was discovered leaking around 9:30 Sunday night. The acid is used to add fluoride to water. Firefighters say the pump seal failed at the Mt. Clemens Water Filtration Plant in Harrison Township.

“We are concerned about the drinking water and our pets and what exactly is going on and how far the spill went. If it has gone into our yards, only these people have been evacuated,” said neighbor Sandy Wilson, pointing towards homes across the street.

The Mt. Clemens city manager says that remaining liquid acid has been removed. The environmental company is adding 18 inches of sand to the contaminated soil until the soil itself can be removed Tuesday.

“I’m also concerned about the animals. Some of us do have pets that run free, and that concerns me,” Crawford said.

“We would like [to] know exactly what’s going on and what the risks are to everybody,” said Wilson.

Work out at the site has stopped Monday evening because of the weather. City officials say there is no danger, but this acid is known to cause skin and eye irritation if you come in contact with it.