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Anti-fluoride group vows to boycott bills for fluoridated water

Source: ABC | November 14th, 2006
Location: Australia

An anti-fluoride group in Wodonga say members will not pay their water bills if fluoride is added to the city’s water supplies.

The Victorian Government plans to add fluoride to Wodonga and Wangaratta water supplies early next year.

Marilyn Edgar from the Wodonga Anti-Fluoride group says a 5,000 signature petition has been ignored by the Government.

She says if the fluoride is added they will have no choice but to suspend payment of their water bills.

“If enough people join this movement they would have no option but to take the fluoride out, if they want to be paid for the water they’re supplying then that water needs to be as clean and pure as possible,” she said.

The chief executive of North-East Water says if people do not pay their bills, their water supplies will be restricted.

Jim Martin says the restrictions come at a cost.

“If people don’t pay their bills we send them a reminder notice after 28 days, then we send a couple more advice notices and if there’s still no payment we would then actually send a restriction notice, then we look at a restriction fee of about $47 I think it is,” he said.