A PROTEST rally by Geelong anti-fluoride groups is just the beginning, according to its organiser who says they will continue to fight to the very end.

Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation‘s David McRae led a 200-strong group of protesters through the streets of Geelong on Saturday, continuing its ongoing fight against the Brumby Government.

Fluoride is expected to start flowing into Geelong’s water supply from June 22.

Areas also affected by the decision include Bellarine Peninsula, Lara, Torquay, Jan Juc, Anglesea, Moriac, Winchelsea, Inverleigh, Bannockburn and Meredith.

Lead by a coffin labelled “death of democracy” the group used every opportunity to drum up support from city shoppers, stopping at a Freedom from Fluoride ’embassy’ outside Market Square to protest the imminent addition of fluoride to the city’s water supply.

“It’s madness to pump a chemical into us,” Mr McRae said. “So this is the start of a campaign that could take two months or two years to get rid of fluoride from Geelong, Victoria and Australia.

“This campaign could well end up in the courts because of the enormous amount of evidence that it causes harm.”

Victoria’s chief health officer, Dr Rosemary Lester, effectively ended years of debate earlier this month when she announced the start date of fluoridation at one part per million into the local water system, a level claiming to help protect teeth against decay.

Barwon Water, which will be required to carry out the fluoride dosing, has built new facilities at the Wurdee Boluc and Moorabool water treatment plants, to the west and north of Geelong.

Joining Geelong residents in protest were residents from Warrnambool, who’s water supply was fluoridated last year after decades of protests. Mildura residents also lent their voice to the cause as the north-west Victorian town also prepares for the addition of fluoride to its water supply.

Mr McRae said fluoride was a 1940s idea with no place in the modern world.

He said he hoped the rally will compel others to join the cause.

The group said it still demanded a referendum on the issue and would hold the State Government and Barwon Water equally responsible for any health problems that arise from the intake of fluoride.