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Arab: Council takes no action on water board request

Source: The Arab Tribune | June 10th, 2016 | By Archie Anderson
Location: United States, Alabama

The Arab City Council apparently doesn’t plan to comply with a request from the Arab Water Works to put on hold all matters pertaining to the city’s lawsuit against the water board until the Alabama Supreme Court rules on pending appeals.

The water board made the request last week.

After an executive session Monday night, the council reconvened without taking action after meeting to “discuss pending and threatening litigation.”

“Does anyone request to take any action at this time?” asked Mayor Bob Joslin.

After not receiving any response, the council adjourned. Council members Brian Bishop and Alan Miller were not present.

The city sued the Arab Water Board in Marshall County Circuit Court this spring after the board refused to add fluoride back to the water supply as directed by the council. Arab Water Works discontinued the practice of adding fluoride last August, but reintroduced fluoride to the water in the form of hydrofluorosilcic acid on May 16.