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Arab: Ruling on fluoride debate expected soon

Source: The Arab Tribune | March 11th, 2016 | By Charles Whisenant
Location: United States, Alabama

Marshall County Circuit Judge Tim Riley heard about five hours of testimony Tuesday and Wednesday in a hearing between the City of Arab and Arab Water Works regarding fluoride.

The city asked Riley to order AWW to reintroduce fluoride into the city’s water supply pending the outcome of the city’s lawsuit against the water board.

Water board attorneys asked Riley to deny the city’s request and to dismiss the lawsuit.

The city has sued the water board in order to get fluoride back in the city’s water supply.

The water board claims the city nor the courts have legal authority to direct it to put – or remove – anything in the water supply.

He also called the issue “political” and not a “water” issue.

The city claims it is acting in the best interest of the public “health and well-being.”