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Arab Water Works Board says it will reconsider fluoride

Source: The Arab Tribune | October 16th, 2015 | By Charles Whisenant
Location: United States, Alabama

The Arab Water Works board of directors is reconsidering its action to remove fluoride from Arab’s drinking water supply.

The board said it is reviewing more research on the matter and will make a decision soon.

In a letter to Arab Mayor Bob Joslin, members of the Arab City Council and to The Arab Tribune, board chairman Rodney Hyatt called on everyone to “join us in pursuing this goal with a spirit of working together.”

The board voted in July to stop adding fluoride to the water beginning Aug. 1. The Alabama Department of Health dental director called the board’s action to the attention of Arab dentist Dr. John York, who called on the board to rescind its decision.

York and other medical professionals have said that having fluoride in the drinking water is essential for children and the elderly, especially those who can least afford good dental care.

Joslin directed city attorney Rodney Edmondson to research whether the city can legally do anything about the board’s decision to stop adding fluoride.

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