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Argos stops adding fluoride to town water

Source: The Pilot News | June 6th, 2012 | By Lydia Beers, Staff Writer
Location: United States, Indiana

Argos joined the ranks of other local communities Bourbon, North Liberty, and Walkerton Wednesday night when town council members voted to stop adding fluoride to the town’s water supply.

“The council had been given information, both pro and con (on adding fluoride to public water) about a week before (the meeting),” said Nick Wood, Argos water superintendent Thursday. “Last night I officially took that to the board, to discontinue fluoridation of our town water here.”

Wood stressed that the town water would still contain fluoride — about .5 milligrams per liter is naturally in the water. As of Thursday morning, however, there will be no more added fluoride.
“Our natural fluoride is almost at the level suggested by the American Dental Association,” said Wood, continuing, “The Indiana State Board of Health standard is 1.0 to 1.1 (milligrams per liter) but I think that will be lower in the near future.”

Wood also pointed out that there is no state statute requiring municipalities to add fluoride to their public water supply. That decision is left up to local government.

“This is something I’ve been researching on my own, I thought it was a good idea for years,” said Wood. “I think a lot of towns are finally stepping up and doing the right thing, which is suspending fluoridation. What prompted me to do it now is that Bourbon did it, and Walkerton and North Liberty.”
Although the change will save the town between $2500-3500 per year, Wood said that financial reasons were not even taken into account by either the council or himself.

“It was a health issue,” said Wood. “I was happy to have the support of the council on that.”
Wood has not heard much feedback on the subject from town residents, but said that anyone with questions or concerns should call the town office.

Bourbon stopped adding fluoride to their public water supply in March, the third local community to do so.