Fluoride Action Network

Arkansas: Update on effort to end fluoridation mandate

Source: Harrison Daily Times | August 26th, 2017 | By Shari Marshall
Location: United States, Arkansas

Excerpt from article that covers several issues:

The OMRPWA [Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority], our water provider, has been working along with others to get the requirement to add fluoride removed from Arkansas law due to the health concerns and the added cost. Two water districts in Arkansas have refused to fluoridate, and are involved in lawsuits with the Arkansas Department of Health. The Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority and the Madison County Regional Water District have opposed fluoridation based on concerns not just about human health effects, but that fluoridation chemicals are so corrosive they can reduce the life of the water delivery system by 40 percent while increasing lead leaching from old pipes. Unfortunately, opponents of Arkansas water fluoridation failed to remove the state mandate and must now wait another two years until the legislature is in session. There is some hope, though. A lawsuit was recently filed in federal court in California by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and other groups to get fluoride out of drinking water all across the country.

*Original article titled “CORRESPONDENT: Diamond City ” online at http://harrisondaily.com/places/correspondent-diamond-city/article_4061d490-89db-11e7-878d-278ab2a774b1.html