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‘At least one will die’ as a result of Hamilton’s fluoridation

Source: VOXY.co.nz | June 8th, 2013 | By M.Godfrey MB.BS. (retired GP) Tauranga
Location: New Zealand

My profession has had a number of embarrassments either due to over-enthusiastic endorsements of a new drug or uncritical acceptance of professorial dictates and as Max Planck so aptly put it: “Changes in science occur funeral by funeral” as we have to wait 50 years for both the professors and their students to die or at least retire.

Water fluoridation using the scrubbed wastes from fertiliser chimneys has now been around for 50 years with the Republic of Ireland (RoI), the USA, Australia and New Zealand being the main users.

A recently released environmental survey from the RoI with mandated fluoridation for 50 years, compared 28 disease incidences with unfluoridated Northern Ireland and the EU. It has shown statistically highly significant and indeed shocking differences.

Diabetes was the highest at over 400% and as this country has almost the same population we can logically assume that the same applies here.

Indeed, preliminary findings have shown similar patterns in all four fluoridating countries. Other markedly elevated incidences included dementia, SIDS (NZ the highest in the world), congenital malformations, impaired thyroid metabolism, chronic respiratory diseases, arthritis, and cancers including breast, prostate.and bone. Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) is thankfully rare but usually fatal.

The association with fluoride exposure in young boys has been proven and with Hamilton having about 4% of the NZ population there would be a statistical certainty that at least one young man will still die within the next few years as a result of that city’s past fluoridation.

All of the above adverse health effects linked to contaminated industrial silico-fluorides are costing the country both in human misery and in an ever-increasing health budget. All this is for the sake of saving one tooth according to the latest Australian dental research that studied the effect of 45 years of fluoride (Slade and Spencer 2013). Notably, the same dentists together with Armfield have been trying for years to demonstrate effectiveness.

The pejoritavely identified “nutters, flat-earthers and vociferous minority” campaigning against fluoride include Professors of Dentistry, Professors of Medicine, Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, doctors in numerous specialities and dentists who have all taken the time to actually critically investigate the evidence. They wouldn’t be doing it without reason or for pleasure. “Dogs can howl but the caravan won’t stop”.