Note from Fluoride Action Network. Fipronil is a highly toxic pesticide. This is it’s molecular formula:

Fipronil is a broad spectrum phenyl pyrazole insecticide that is used in both agricultural and veterinary situations. A review of fipronil commenced in 2003 following reports of adverse experiences in humans and animals. The initial review focused on human and animal safety issues.

Since 2006, information has become available that identifies some significant environmental concerns associated with continued use of selected fipronil agricultural products. On this basis the APVMA has determined that consideration of environmental concerns is required and will be achieved through extension to the scope of the current review. This review will consider information on the following environmental aspects of product registrations for fipronil including, but not limited to:

• Aquatic degradation
• Persistence in environmental media (soil, water and sediment)
• The partitioning in the environment eg deposition, adsorption
• Toxicity to fish and aquatic invertebrates, sediment organisms, bees and non-target arthropods

The APVMA will also consider whether product labels carry adequate instructions and warning statements. Please note that the extended scope of this review does not include veterinary products or those agricultural products formulated as baits or gels for ant or cockroach control, fly bait stations containing fipronil or termite dusts.