On Monday the South Australia Parliament House in Adelaide was visited by Dr. Paul Connett, Professor of Chemistry and long time “fluoride” fighter and Dr. Andrew Harms former President of the Australian Dental Association, who presented the facts about the flawed “science” of forced water “fluoridation” and many of the harms being caused by this unethical, criminal activity which masquerades as “health” policy.

Hosted by Independent Member of Parliament Ann Bressington, only a small handful of South Australia’s non-representative politicians showed up to hear evidence about the deliberate poisoning of much of Australia’s public water supply as a means of dispersing industrial waste while saving untold amounts of money that would be required for safe disposal into the environment.

The public will be shocked to realize that what they have been told about fluoride in the water is far from the truth, and that the “fluoride”, unlike that found in high grade toothpastes, is not pharmaceutical in nature but actually industrial chemical and toxic waste product, much of it from China. It is being dispersed into the water supply, where freedom of information requests obtained by Bressington show the high levels of toxicity and the presence of many poisons and even uranium, in Adelaide’s water supply.

Every member of parliament was sent an invitation by Ann Bressington weeks ago to attend in order to allow for a rigorous and factual debate as to whether the governments forced water fluoridation was warranted and also to consider that this practice may have actually done more harm than good because of the lack of oversight and the gross ignorance of doctors of the reality of what “fluoridation” actually is. The two professionals were able to provide information that should have sparked a desire for Australia’s major parties to seek scientific clarity on the toxicity of “fluoride”.

A DVD which is being distributed and which Mathaba has seen, has shocked Australians to the core. The realisation that many have been poisoned for all or most of their lives, deliberately by various industries eliminating waste by dumping it — with government support it seems — into the water supply, and the effects that it has had on many as well as the forced policy that the public have no right to obtain a clean and healthy pure water supply, turned to anger as many have taken to the streets to plaster up notices, and are copying and circulating the documentary video.

The handful of politicians who chose to come to hear the evidence, were Sibbons, Steph Key, Sanderson — all of the House of Assembly — and Tammy Franks and Dennis Hood of the Legislative Council. All other political representatives and government ministers, declined to attend.

Those who view the video will no doubt conclude a number of realities: that Australian and foreign companies have been disposing of poisons into the water supply, and that Australian politicians and medical professionals have generally turned a blind eye to the facts because big money is involved.

For 40 years, it is learned, South Australian governments have been supporting the poisoning of the people of South Australia, as have the governments of Victoria and Queensland now, with the forced “fluoridation” policy of Premier Minister Anna Bligh.

The South Australian Minister for Health, John Hill, also declined to attend, saying his diary was full, as did the opposition shadow Health Minister. South Australia’s only political independent member of parliament, Ann Bressington said:

“What could be more important than finding out why South Australia’s stillbirth rate could be so high, or why our incidence of cancer in this state is higher than anywhere else in Australia, or why so many people now suffer with numerous health disorders like thyroid problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney problems or even a possible explanation for why so many children are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and other learning disorders.

“It seems that these particular health concerns are far outweighed by negotiations for our healthcare plan or perhaps even funding a new hospital. Naively I would have thought that the first concern for any Minister or Shadow Health Minister would be how to prevent people from becoming victims of these illnesses in the first place and what needed to be done to achieve that.

“Obviously preventative measures will only be considered when we have a “health emergency” status decided by a bureaucrat that will allow for forced vaccinations and forced detention. Of course all this will be done while “respecting people’s rights and preserving their dignity” because our government cares about our rights and our dignity — NOT”, she said in a Facebook posting.

South Australia’s people will no doubt conclude upon seeing the evidence, that the governments, officials, departments and media that they have trusted for so long, have not only sold them short, but have been actively promoting sickness and toxicity which benefits only the medical profession, big industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the media and politicians who receive perks and kick-backs from those industries.

With the arrival of Mathaba News coverage focusing on South Australia as one of the most backward regions in the world in terms of democracy, human rights and freedoms, and the awakening of more sectors of the population there, this year is however likely to be a turning point in many respects, our Australian Affairs editor has noted.

Mathaba sources reveal that Thailand, a country which lies in between China and Australia and has a common border with the PRC, does not add fluoride nor any other toxins and industrial waste to its water supply. We are also verifying that this is the case for Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

It appears that only a handful of countries, and only some regions within that handful, operate the policy — England’s city of Southampton being the latest to receive “forced fluoridation” despite the vociferous opposition of the majority of the population there.

“If this respect and preservation of our dignity was ever a consideration then I would think that our right to choose whether or not to ingest a toxic poison via our water supply would be a situation that was paramount to our Health Minister”, Ann Bressington said.

Bressington said that the public should condemn Australia’s monopoly news media for its failure to cover this important conference to which experts from as far away as the United States of America had flown in to address passionately.

“Tory Shepherd of course did not attend either as didn’t Matt and Dave from the ABC, all of whom should be condemned for their conduct during the latest fluoridation debate. Tory Shepherd in her satirical and tragic story in “The Advertiser” titled “Be Afraid Be Very Afraid – There Is Something Lurking In The Water” dismissed the bibliography of scientific peer reviewed studies done on fluoride and attempted to show the people of South Australia that character assassination, hearsay and towing the party line was so much more effective in disproving science”, she said.

“While on the ABC Matt and Dave also attempted the same only they added a touch of bullyboy tactics and sarcasm into the mix. Now there is yet another informative book available and another DVD documentary available to show that there actually is something lurking in the water, but hey never let the truth get in the way of a “good” story. They have behaved like fools and their inability to research such an important topic with the proof laid at their feet shows me that none of them have the capacity to care about anyone else but themselves and their pay packets. They towed the party/dentistry line and put many, many people at risk of long-term and often fatal harm.

“They along with our members of parliament from the major parties who refuse to look, learn and listen must be held to account. Of course the ideal dream would be for people to write to them and tell them some hard hitting truths about how they have negated their responsibilities as media personalities (for want of a better title) and in those letters to express a desire for them to resign. We should also ideally do the same with our Ministers and shadow Ministers en masse because they have possibly harmed thousands of people through their arrogance and ignorance”, Bressington said.

She continued: “I know that people find it hard to find the time to read a lot of books, but I also hold true to the fact that knowledge is power and in order to get the knowledge it requires some reading. “A Case Against Fluoride” and “The Fluoride Deception” are two must read books on the topic of fluoride. If you want to understand how a government could sell you and your children out then these books are a must, because until you understand the past, the shady past of forced water fluoridation you will never get your head around why our government is purposefully and knowingly poisoning you and your children. No one will get these facts by writing to your “elected representatives” and asking them because there is a policy statement already in place for anyone who dares to question decisions of this government or of the opposition on this topic.

“It is a policy statement that is based on lies, flawed science and relies on the fact that the people of this state are too stupid to know when they are being conned or too apathetic to care. The latter being a given because the toxic waste that they put into our water and call it “prevention for tooth decay” is also a neuro toxin that dulls the mind and makes people apathetic and yes, even depressed. If you are unable to read the books then at the very least search Youtube or Mathaba for clips on “the harms of fluoride” and up they will pop by the hundreds. If you can’t be bothered to do that then you fully deserve what our government is handing to you in every glass of water you drink.”

Ann Bressington disclosed that she has a petition that has been signed by 3,700 health care professionals calling for an end to fluoridation. She called on the people of South Australia to participate in a campaign to stop forced water fluoridation and said that she wanted to hear from people who can do the work that is needed. “This is my role as a member of parliament and an elected representative of the people – to tell the truth and ask people to join up and get involved. It is your job to support the truth and support those people who cannot get out there and do it for themselves”, she said.

“I am asking people to rally against toxic waste in our water that is slowing killing many. For all of those people who say ” I have drank fluoridated water for years and it has not harmed me or my children: I ask you to go to Dr. A.K. Susheela’s affidavit and see all of the illnesses that occur because fluoride toxicity isn’t being diagnosed. It is not diagnosed because our medical professionals are not trained to recognize the early warning signs so it may well be that you and others have been misdiagnosed with a condition and therefore have not received the appropriate medical treatment and it could well be that you and others have become sicker as a result. If you do not check this information out then all I ask is that you do not participate in the debate because you only know what you know and this is not an issue that should be left up to “personal opinion” because the health and well being of everyone depends on the truth not on personal opinion.

“It is time for each and everyone of us to stand up and be counted and to start harassing our members of parliament asking them what they are going to do about forced water fluoridation if they want your vote at the next election. Both major parties are responsible for this and so are many of the Independents and minor parties.

“Forced water fluoridation was introduced based on bad science, corporate science and it must be removed based on all of the science that exists now. Wake up people and start to do what is needed to right this terrible wrong. Not corporate contract or party politics is worth the lives of your loved ones – that is not negotiable – or it should be”, she concluded.

— More information and the DVD can be obtained from the following website:http://www.firewaterfilm.com