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Australian Media Attempts to Initiate Water Fluoridation

Source: Australian National Review | September 2nd, 2015 | By Silky G 0 Reads ?
Location: Australia

Australian mainstream media is planning a protest campaign launch to push the federal and state government for the fluoridation of water supply. Murdoch owned The Daily Telegraph has expressed strong support for this agenda in one of its articles.

Fluoridation of water isn’t as safe as the media is trying to deliberately substantiate. There is growing evidence that indicates fluoride in water can trigger several health concerns in the long run. But the media seems to rule out every scientifically proven fact in order to accentuate their agenda.

A latest article in The Daily Telegraph claims –

  • The government should override the power of council to decide everything concerning water safety. It should take control in its own hand. The article clearly and repeatedly emphasizes on fluoridation of water and claims it to be the safest source of drinking water.
  • Some powerful lobby and funded protest groups are targeting politicians, mayors and councilors who are trying to introduce fluoridation.
  • Fluoridation of water will help the government and individuals save dental treatment costs. The article claims that $18 can be saved on every $1 spent for fluoridation of water.
  • The article calls the council ‘wacky’ for delaying water fluoridation.

The media seems to be unresponsive to the most important concern – what will be the chances of health problems if fluoridation of water supply is enacted. In fact, many credible sources and scientific bodies have clearly indicated that it can have adverse health effects. There is evidence, which indicates problems such as thyroid imbalance, lower IQ in children, inefficiency in preventing cavities, calcification of the arteries, etc.

What if all these health warnings turn out to be true? For example, a study conducted in England found that the chances of underactive thyroid conditions were 30 per cent higher in people who had the highest rate of exposure to water fluoridation. A constant problem of underactive thyroid can trigger additional health problems like fatigue, weight gain, depression, etc.

New Research in England Confirms Risks of Fluoridation

The matter is still debated in England. When the public health organization in England announced that fluoride in water can prevent dental problems, the new research result released by the University of Kent disqualified the claim and forced the health experts to think again on water fluoridation.

Residents of North East England and West Midlands were suffering underactive thyroid as the water in those area was found to have a high level of fluoride. The lead author participating in the research, Professor Stephen Peckham, clearly expressed concern regarding adding fluoride to the water.

According to Stephen Peckham, the government should think about it and take immediate measure. There are dozens of other alternative ways to ensure safety of dental health. Water fluoridation is not the only means that can be incorporated.

Scientists from Spain Also warn about the potential risks

Another study conducted in Spain also criticized the idea of adding Fluoride to drinking water. The new study published in the journal Toxicology showed that adding fluoride to water would be an irresponsible act as it can harden the arteries, cause cardio problems and also kidney diseases in the long run.

The bottom line is, lots of well proven facts clearly state that water fluoridation is not a good preventive method, as the media is trying to attest. It is best to first debate about the pros and cons about the matter before allowing the mainstream media to take life threatening decisions for us.