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Ballarat to Face Government Fluoridation Push

Source: The Ballarat Courier | October 16th, 2003 | Article
Location: Australia

THE State Government is remaining tightlipped about a community awareness campaign promoting fluoridation in Ballarat.

A spokesman for Health Minister Bronwyn Pike yesterday said exactly when and what the fluoridation campaign would involve was still being determined.

But the government was “on track” to launch the campaign this year, the spokesman said.

“We are on track to start the campaign imminently,” he said.

Ms Pike last month announced plans for a campaign plugging the benefits of fluoridation to Ballarat residents.

Ms Pike said the campaign could involve television and newspaper advertisements outlining the benefits of fluoridated water.

Yesterday, her spokesman said television and newspaper advertisements were among several campaign ideas being investigated.

“We’re looking at a wide range of ways that we can engage with the community,” he said.

Ballarat Province MLC Dianne Hadden yesterday welcomed a community awareness campaign.

Ms Hadden said research had showed fluoridated water reduced tooth decay by 40 per cent.

“We shouldn’t be disadvantaged because we live in a beautiful city and our health shouldn’t be disadvantaged,” she said.

“Ballarat is one of three regions in the state that is not fluoridated. I say let’s do it and lets do it sooner rather than later.”

Ballarat West MLA Karen Overington said she supported community consultation.

“I’m in favour of consulting with the community, talking about the benefits of fluoride, listening to the concerns about fluoride and making a decision after that,” she said.

Ballarat joins Geelong on the State Government’s fluoridation hitlist.
Last week, however, Geelong Province MLC Elaine Carbines told the that fluoridating Geelong’s water supply was off the State Government’s agenda.