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Ballina and Lismore: Anti-fluoride campaigner heads to court

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | July 27th, 2010
Location: Australia

A veteran North Coast environmental campaigner is taking court action in a bid to stop the fluoridation of parts of the Rous Water supply.

Al Oshlack has lodged documents with the Land and Environment Court which seek to have approval for five fluoride plants overturned.

Mr Oshlack says he’ll also seek to have decisions by the Ballina and Lismore councils allowing fluoridation declared void.

He says a majority of residents don’t want fluoride in the water supply.

“There is a very strong consensus in this community that we don’t want the water fluoridated and we’ve never been consulted about it… there’s never been any referendum, there’s never been any information about it,” Mr Oshlack said.

“We still live in a democracy and a person, if they wish, is able to take proceedings in a court to invalidate decisions made by authority,” he said.

Mr Oshlack says he’s aware of a dental health problem in the region, but fluoride is not the answer.

“A logical response to that problem is through education and resources, and the logical response is to stop these supermarkets who have just now moved to put all their junk food at the checkout, aimed at all the children,” he said.

“Invest in some dental resources such as mobile dental clinics to go (a)round to different schools and check kids’ teeth and distribute dental hygiene products,” Mr Oshlack said.

The general manager of Rous Water, Kyme Lavelle says it would be improper for him to comment on an issue that is before the courts.

Earlier this year Rous Water extended its public consultation period on the issue of fluoridation so it ran for six weeks.