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Ballina to reconsider their fluoride stance

Source: The Northern Star | August 15th, 2013 | By Rebecca Lollback
Location: Australia

Councillor Keith Williams said it was time to reconsider the issue after Lismore City Council this week decided it no longer supported fluoridation.

He said his notice of motion – to be debated at the council’s ordinary meeting next Thursday – was based “primarily on ethical criteria rather than some anti-science belief that fluoride is evil”.

“I accept the science that clearly says there will be a reduction in caries as a result of fluoridation,” he said.

“I believe this is unarguable.”

But he said there could be better ways to deliver the same health benefits.

Rous Water general manager, Kyme Lavelle, said the Rous council would now have to reconsider the whole issue of fluoridation for the region.

He also said Rous was a service provider and had only acted on fluoridation at the request of Lismore and Ballina councils.

“The Rous council will be talking about these issues at its meeting next Wednesday,” he said.