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Basel Parliament Votes 73 – 23 to Stop Water Fluoridation

Source: Basler Zeitung Online | April 9th, 2003
Location: Switzerland

Basel. SDA/BaZ. The canton Basel city adjusts for years the disputed Fluoridierung of the drinking water. The use of this measure against tooth decay is not proven in opinion of the majority of the large advice. In addition, fluoride may harm the environment.

The introduction of water fluoridation to fight tooth decay was decided by Basler parliament on 9 April 1959. On the day exactly 44 years later main headers the large advice on Wednesday this measure [was defeated] with 73 against 23 voices for.

It followed thereby the request of its health and social commission (GSK). The GSK gave to consider that the use of water fluoridation was scientifically not proven in the prevention of tooth decay and, in addition, by very high streuverluste by 99 per cent the environment is loaded. Basel stands besides today with the once wide-spread measure lonely and alone there.

As alternative the GSK pleaded for the country-wide usual fluoridation by common salt. Beside medical director Carlo Conti only discussion themselves FDP and LDP for the retention of the fluoridation of drinking water, which had employed 1990 also the Federal court.

Conti granted that the use was not proven. Also for a possible damage give it however no proofs.The majority in parliament saw however no reasons to hold to the fluoridation of drinking water. Individual Votantinnen and Votanten recognized therein its own obligation medication. By the renouncement the canton saves now to approximately 120,000 Franconias in the year. In several Voten was required to use this money now for a strengthened Kariesprophylaxe.