BEACH HAVEN — The Beach Haven Board of Commissioners has declared an ordinance, one that required the intentional addition of fluoride to the borough’s drinking water supply system, to be null and void.

In November 1962, it was believed that fluoride added to the drinking water supply system would help prevent tooth decay.

In recent years, however, sufficient data has shown that fluoride can actually cause teeth to weaken and increase tooth decay.

But the debate still continues.

Dr. Harry Gilbert, of Ocean Family Dental in Ship Bottom, has been a dentist for 25 years.

“It’s a shame because fluoride is very effective in fighting tooth decay,” he said.

Lobbyists and special interest groups, in Gilbert’s opinion, have changed the public’s opinion of fluoride.

“I have seen an increase in tooth decay — I don’t know if it is due to fluoride being taken out of the drinking water or maybe from the popularity of bottled water but there is more decay,” he said.

Gilbert does use a fluoride topically on his patients which he coats right on the enamel.

Beach Haven is the last municipality on the Island to remove fluoride from the water.