Campaigners against the re-introduction of fluoride to Bedford’s water supply were delighted at the support they recieved from worshippers at a town mosque.

Members of the Fluoride Free Bedford group visited Westbourne Road Mosque during a Friday prayer meeting to present their campaign to get Bedford Borough Council to keep the borough free from added fluoride.

A spokeswoman said: “Several hundred signatures were gathered in a matter of minutes as occupants filed out after the prayer service. Adherents spoke of the importance of water purity in their faith as they added their signatures to Fluoride Free Bedford’s petition.”

She added campaigners were treated to lychee juice and bananas donated by shopkeepers as the crowds dispersed.

The addition of fluoride to the water supply was suspended in 2009 when the system was closed for reburbishment.

It it for the borough council to decide if the chemical is reintroduced to the supply.

More about the campaign to halt water fluoridation can be found at