GreenPan, which is manufactured by Anotech International, promotes itself as an alternative to traditional types of non-stick cookware as no PFOA is used in its manufacturing process. The chemical PFOA is under increasing scrutiny as a possible health hazard.

The Commercial Court of Nivelles in Belgium ordered GreenPan to stop using the DuPont and Teflon names in its advertising and to stop its comparative advertising against them.

The company was also ordered to pay DuPont 8,500 Euros and to publish the court’s decision on its website. GreenPan faces a fine if it violates any of the conditions.

DuPont said it was very pleased with the court’s decision. “We take great care in protecting the Teflon and DuPont trademarks and brands, and will continue to aggressively pursue claims against those who misuse them,” a spokesperson commented.

GreenPan is supplied in the UK by a new UK sales, marketing and distribution network, Anotech International UK. It was previously distributed by Typhoon Housewares.