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Ben Shepherd: Ward 7. Calgary council candidate on fluoridation

Source: Calgary Herald | October 6th, 2021
Location: Canada, Alberta

The next city council could be asked to return fluoride to the city’s water supply. What is your position on this?

Fluoride is an industrial waste product and doesn’t belong in our water.


General contractor

Political/volunteer experience:

Feed the homeless two to three times a week with Ministries in Calgary.

What is your motivation for seeking a seat on city council?

The blatant corruption in city council, the unlawful mandates and lockdowns.

Describe your leadership style:

Fair, open and disciplined.

What do you consider the single most important issue facing Calgarians, and what should be done about it?
The vaccine passports. They should be thrown away and the people proposing them should face judicial consequences for attempting to segregate the population and attacking our freedoms.

What are the three most important issues in your ward, and how would you address them?

Less Taxes: stop taxing people and spending money on bloated government projects. Open businesses: allow everyone to make a living. Freedom: end all mandates and lockdowns.

Do you support the city’s downtown revitalization strategy? Where should funding and programs be focused?

No. The city should take a step back and allow businesses and individuals to decide the direction of the city.

What innovative project or job creation measure can you propose to aid Calgary’s post-COVID economic recovery?

Simply allow businesses to open up and stop ordering them shut down; end all mandates; cut taxes significantly.

*Original article online at https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/ben-shepherd-ward-7-calgary-council-candidate-questionnaire