BETHEL — Residents will vote on a $3.7 million municipal budget at next week’s annual town meeting.

The meeting begins at the polls Tuesday, June 9, at Crescent Park School and will continue at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 10, also at the school.

One issue to be decided at the polls is whether the Bethel Water District should be authorized to add fluoride to the town’s water supply. The town added fluoride to the water supply since 1970.

Bethel business owner Sarah Lane, who is not a resident of the town, asked selectmen to call a town vote on whether to stop using fluoride. She said there is evidence it is linked to brain damage.

The Bethel Water District is not taking a position on the issue.

It costs the Bethel Water District $2,600 a year to add fluoride to the water.

Residents will be asked to approve…

Title of article: Bethel voters to decide on $3.7 million municipal budget