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Binghamton receives CDC award for water

Source: FOX 40 News WICZ TV | December 30th, 2015
Location: United States, New York
Industry type: CDC Fluoridation award

Refreshing news for residents of Binghamton, fluoride levels in the water supply is optimal; so optimal that the city was presented with an award.

Binghamton was presented a Water Fluoridation Quality Award from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recognizing the City’s public water system for managing a consistent and optimal level of fluoride in its water supply.

“Thanks to the efforts of Water Superintendent Joe Yannuzzi, the City has received high marks from the federal government for its drinking water,” said Mayor Richard C. David. “Fluoridation is an effective tool in promoting oral health for children and adults, and an important part in providing the best quality drinking water for our community.”

The Water Fluoridation Quality Award is awarded by the CDC to recognize those water systems that adjust the fluoride concentration in drinking water and achieve a monthly average fluoride level that is within the optimal range for 12 consecutive months in a calendar year.

Each year, the City of Binghamton produces more than 2 billion gallons of clean drinking water from its facility at 25 Broome St., with an average of five to six million gallons per day.

You can read the letter presented to the city here [dated November 13, 2015].