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Bitter tears of allergy victim

Source: Geelong Independent | August 17th, 2012 | By John Van Klaveren
Location: Australia

A SERIES of tit-for-tat letters to the editor in the Independent has sparked an emotional plea for understanding from a fluoride allergy sufferer.

The North Geelong woman broke down in tears as she described her multiple health issues, which she attributed to fluoride exposure.

Maz said she did not want her surname published because she lived in public housing and was in dispute with Barwon Water.

She is one of a number of Geelong residents refusing to pay water rates over the fluoridation issue.

“It’s a debilitating illness, causes horrendous pain, it’s frustrating and humiliating. I’m treated with contempt,” Maz said.

“I haven’t spoken up before but those letters in the Independent were the last straw.”

A letter last month from Newtown’s Priscilla Wright against fluoridation drew a critical response from Grovedale’s Alan Jagger who in turn earned several heated responses.

Maz said even slight exposure to fluoride affected her gastro intestinal and central nervous systems.

She said she had only five teeth despite authorities introducing fluoridation to prevent tooth decay.

Maz said her doctors recently became convinced she was allergic to fluoride, advising her to grow her own food and use bottled water.

“I’ve spent more than $3600 on bottled pure water but you can’t use bottled water for everything.

“For years I had no idea it was poisoning me. It began when I was a child and I was given fluoride supplements.

Maz said her pleas to authorities and politicians fell on deaf ears.

“They either don’t believe me or they think I’m a crackpot or something. I get polite but insensitive letters back saying things like ‘I hope you can make arrangements to filter your water’ but water filters don’t work on fluoride.

“My doctor has run many tests to see whether my symptoms relate to any other causes but it’s only avoidance of fluoride that sees my symptoms reduced.

“The medical profession in Australia has not been trained to recognise the health effects of fluoride toxicity as no studies have been conducted in Australia.

“I invite everyone who doubts the toxic effects of fluoride to walk in my shoes and they will be convinced.”