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Boothbay: Fluoride removal question heading to November ballot

Source: Boothbay Register | March 14th, 2022 | By Bill Pearson
Location: United States, Maine

Boothbay region residents will vote next November on whether fluoride should remain in the local drinking water. Boothbay selectmen followed Southport selectmen’s lead in agreeing to put the question to a public vote. Boothbay and Southport along with Boothbay Harbor are members of the Boothbay Region Water District. In 2021, the Flouride Opposition Committee was formed by local residents to educate residents’ about potential long-term side effects of ingesting fluoride.

Among the ailments believed caused by ingesting fluoride are skeletal fluorosis which results in damaged joints and bones and dental fluorosis which results in faint white lines on the teeth.

Anna Christina Rogers of Boothbay Harbor is a FOC member. She joined after the group formed last year. Rogers spoke on behalf of the group. “All we’re asking is to put it to a vote,” she said. “Honestly, a lot of people don’t even know what it is? We want to educate the community about fluoride which includes whether it’s better used by ingesting or topically.”

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