Dear Editor:

The fluoride added to tap water is not pharmaceutical grade, unlike that added to toothpaste. It is hydrofluorosilic acid — toxic waste from phosphate fertilizer factory chimney scrubbers, which is contaminated with arsenic, mercury and lead, etc.

Fluoridation is wasteful and expensive as only around 1% of tap water is drunk by children. Most tap water is used by industry and for washing and toilet flushing.

In Scotland, tooth decay is greatly reduced by the “ChildSmile” scheme where young children brush their teeth each day in school — safe and efficient. Brushing helps prevent gum disease, as more adult teeth are lost from gum disease than decay.

It’s unethical to fluoridate everyone regardless of need or personal choice. There is no “informed consent” when water is fluoridated, as you can’t opt out. Fluoride from industry is a waste product which is hard to dispose of as it’s so toxic, but if it’s sold to add to drinking water it can turn “waste into wealth” for some — so could there perhaps be monetary reward behind all this?

No other explanation makes sense — because it would be much more efficient to give free fluoride toothpaste to any child who’s deemed to need it.

There are also plans to add the toxic chemical fluoride to all England’s tap water supply.

C. and A. Wills

Middx. HA4 9AF, England

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