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Bourke council considers fluoridation

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | September 1st, 2009
Location: Australia

In 2007, the shire council abandoned plans to try to introduce fluoride into the water.

A fluoride plant was installed but placed in the wrong part of the water treatment plant and was never commissioned.

However, the council has now been advised by the New South Wales Government that it is possible to demolish the old plant and install a new one that will safely fluoridate supply.

Council general manager Geofff Wise says full funding could also be available for the project.

“If anything can lead to improved dental care and health outcomes well it’s well worthwhile, so we’re certainly going to go through proper community consultation and financial consideration but there was strong support for it to be explored a lot further,” he said.

“Council over the years has been given very strong support from the community for fluoridation of the Bourke town water supply and so it’s really just updating that previous strong community support.”