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Boyne City votes to resume fluoridation

Source: The Boyne City Gazette | November 4th, 2014
Location: United States, Michigan

The Boyne City Fluoride Initiative was approved by voters 868 to 396.

This vote came after three Boyne City Commissioners decided earlier this year to stop the decades-old practice of fluoridating the city’s municipal water supply.

“This was a challenging but worthwhile journey” said fluoridation advocate Carl VanDomelen of the group Citizens United for Dental Health. “We needed to gather almost 600 signatures in a couple of weeks to place the fluoride referendum on the ballot and organize the educational campaign. Citizens United for Dental Health appreciates the overwhelming support of the citizens of Boyne City throughout the process.”

He added, “This vote revalidates our citizens’ desires to continue to protect our community’s dental health. This has been a true victory for our citizens and a clear message to our City Commission.”

The other Michigan community voting on continuing water fluoridation was Bronson. Bronson residents voted to keep fluoride in the water supply with a similar 2-1 margin.

According to the voter-approved language, it will amend Chapter 70 of the Boyne City Code of Ordinances to re-establish the addition of fluoridation to the City of Boyne City municipal water system. The ballot measure reads: “Use of fluoride. For the purpose of promoting public health through prevention of dental disease, the city manager is hereby directed to establish and maintain fluoride levels in the city’s waterworks system as prescribed by the State of Michigan. The city manager shall establish a testing program that accurately show fluoride levels in the public water supply on a monthly basis and those results shall be posted on the city website within 30 days after the test results have been obtained.”

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