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Brevard County Dental Society’s petition: Fluoridate Brevard Drinking Water – District 1

Source: Change.org | Brevard County Dental Society
Posted on May 22nd, 2021
Location: United States, Florida
Industry type: Misinformation
Note from Fluoride Action Network:
We list this petition by the Brevard county’s dental society as misinformation as it gives a list of benefits of fluoridation without any discussion of the risks involved. Three recent mother-offspring fluoride studies were funded by U.S. government agencies (Till 2020, Green 2019, Bashash 2017) and they reported lowered IQ in the offspring, as well as in bottle-fed infants (Till), receiving the same levels of fluoride that are in fluoridated U.S. and Canadian communities (0.7 mg/L) as compared to non-fluoridated communities. The U.S. government funding for these studies came from including the National Institute of Health, Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. (EC)

On May 4th, 2021, the Brevard County Commissioners gathered for a meeting led by Chair Rita Pritchett. Commissioner Pritchett requested that they vote that same night to permit her to begin halting the addition of fluoride at the county-run water treatment facility in her North Brevard district. Her decision was based on the idea that “It [fluoride] raises the risk for high blood pressure, it ages you quicker.” The decision to remove the mineral could impact up to 8,000 Mims residents. There was no advance notice on the meeting agenda, little time to clarify the proposal and the District 1 residents nor experts were given the ability to weigh in on the impact it could have on the Brevard community.

On May 13th, 2021, Brevard County Utilities stopped adding fluoride to the water supply in Mims indefinitely.

No credibly recognized health or scientific authority in the world opposes CWF. By signing the petition with your name and address, you agree with the following statements: 

  1. You support the public health effort to minimize tooth decay in our community through community water fluoridation at the level of 0.7 ppm.
  2. You implore Commissioner Pritchett and the Brevard County Commission to officially put the discussion of community water fluoridation on an upcoming Brevard County agenda. This will allow the constituents and medical/dental professionals of Brevard County, whom the Commission represent, to have a voice in this extremely important decision for the health and wellness of our community.

Information on Community Water Fluoridation

All water can contain some fluoride, yet typically not at the level to provide significant cavity reduction. At 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water (0.7 mg/L, 0.7ppm), the level in community water fluoridation (CWF), at least 25% of cavities are reduced for children and adults. The average lifetime cost per person to fluoridate a city water supply is less than the average cost of one dental filling. Fluoride is naturally present in our natural waterways at various levels. Water fluoridation is the adjustment of fluoride to a recommended level for the prevention of tooth decay. It’s similar to fortifying other foods and beverages, like fortifying salt with iodine, milk with vitamin D, orange juice with calcium and bread with folic acid

Experts in the U.S. and around the world that endorse water fluoridation as safe and a cost effective method of dental caries prevention. Organizations in support of community water fluoridation include (but are not limited to) the:

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