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Brevard County: Water Quality Report for 2020

Source: 2020 Annual Water Quality Report, Cocoa, Florida | July 21st, 2021
Location: United States, Florida

Excerpts from a 2020 Water Quality Report for Cocoa, Florida.

• Cocoa’s primary water source is groundwater pumped from the Intermediate and Floridan Aquifers.

• Cocoa has supplied central Brevard County with high quality drinking water since 1957.

• Cocoa supplements its ground water supply with surface water from the Taylor Creek Reservoir and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells

• When ground water enters the plant chlorine, lime, soda ash, and coagulant are added to remove hardness and suspended solids. Fluoride is then added to the water in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency/Center For Disease Control guidelines.



Natural Level detected: 0.466 ppm

Likely Source of Contamination: Erosion of natural deposits; discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories. Water additive which promotes strong teeth when at the optimum level of 0.7 ppm.

2020 Annual Water Quality Report
PWS ID#: FL 3050223
Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant
351 Shearer Blvd., Cocoa, FL 32922

*Water Quality Report online at http://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/fl.brevard-county.2020-water-quality-report.pdf