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Brewarrina council investigates fluoride in water supply

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | December 9th, 2014 | By Avani Dias
Location: Australia

Brewarrina Shire Council is investigating the feasibility of putting fluoride in the town’s water supply, following calls from New South Wales Health.

The council was approached by the Health Department in 2009 to improve the town’s dental services and implement fluoridation through the town’s water treatment plants.

However, until last year, a lack of funding was an obstacle for this request and the council has now decided to research the prospect of  in Brewarrina.

In addition to this, the town’s sand filtration plant could not accommodate the introduction of fluoridation.

The town now has a new water filtration system and fluoridation is back on the council’s agenda.

Brewarrina Shire Council general manager Dan Simmonds said a variety of factors must be considered before implementing fluoridation.

“Brewarrina doesn’t have fluoridation and they see it as a major thing,” he said.

“Most councils do have fluoridisation in their water system.

“For our communities out there, we’ve got to look at all options.”

Mr Simmonds, said safety and cost were two main issues that were being assessed.

“The main one for Brewarrina is the ongoing cost of it,” he said.

“The costs upfront would be paid for but then you’d have an ongoing cost forever as far as the fluoridation goes.

“In the December council meeting there’s going to be a representation for fluoridation and Brewarrina council will then look at it.”