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Buffalo: County Health Officer Supports Fluoride In City Water

Source: SheridanMedia.com | October 22nd, 2015 | By Aaron Palmer
Location: United States, Wyoming

During his report to the Johnson County Commissioners at the County Board of Health meeting Tuesday, County Health Officer Mark Schueler reiterated his belief that adding fluoride to the City of Buffalo’s municipal water supply would beneficial to city and county residents.

Schueler told the commissioners that he believes the city is at least looking into the possibility, and thought there may be some public forums on the matter in the near future.

He knows there is some opposition to the idea, but said he recently came into some information that should make people at least consider the idea of adding the substance to the city’s drinking water.

Schueler was asked if he had a cost involved with fluoridating the city’s water.

Although he did not have a specific amount, he said he thought the initial cost of adding equipment and getting the plant capable of adding the fluoride would probably be the most expensive portion, with purchasing and adding of the fluoride itself along with maintenance costs as “very low.”

He likened the costs as something similar to adding chlorine to the water which is done now as required by Federal law to kill bacteria in the municipal water supply.

No decision on whether or not the city will add fluoride to their water has been made at this time.