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Fluoride Action Network | December 7, 2015
Posted on December 7th, 2015

Before we get to our “having fun with FAN’s poster” competition here’s an update after the first week of our annual fundraiser. Over the weekend we raised a generous $2,541 from 19 supporters, bringing us to a grand total of $15,213 from 82 supporters.  Thank you so much to all who have donated.

$200,000 by Dec 31 looks very daunting to us right now so we are going to aim for a mini-goal of $75,000 by midnight Dec 24 from 500 donors.

To help us achieve this mini-goal we have a very generous supporter who is focusing on the number of donors. They will give us $100 when we reach 100 donors, $200 when we reach 200 donors, and so on rising up to $500 when we reach 500 donors.

We are also looking for other creative pledgers (our super angels) to help speed us along.

To make a tax-deductible donation you can either:

  • Or by check – please make checks payable to Fluoride Action Network and send to: FAN, c/o Connett, 104 Walnut Street, Binghamton NY 13905

Competition: “Having fun with FAN’s poster”

Introduction: Above is a picture of a poster that was designed by Donna Mayne from Windsor, Ontario. Donna was one of the winners of the competition held as part of last year’s fundraiser.

This poster delivers an incredibly important message. At a time when regulatory agencies are reducing the exposure of children and pregnant women to neurotoxic substances like lead and mercury, it is extraordinary that these same authorities are encouraging every community in the country to deliberately add neurotoxic fluoride chemicals to the public drinking water.

Fluoride is neurotoxic and fluoridation promoters cannot show otherwise. There are over 300 animal and human studies that support this claim, and very few that do not.  So while we can produce over 300 red flags that say stop this reckless and unnecessary practice, fluoridation proponents can produce few -if any- green flags to justify continuing. Most of the civilized world (including 97% of Europe) either never started fluoridation of if they started stopped long ago.

But, sadly the vast majority of the American public (and those in other fluoridated countries) are unaware of fluoride’s dangers in general and its neurotoxicity in particular. The mainstream media is doing a lousy job informing them (Newsweek is an important exception) that is why it is incredibly important to get our message out in other ways. We don’t have the multi-million dollar budget to spend on PR that our opponents have. So we have to be creative.

The Poster Competition 

This historic poster is good enough to frame and is a brilliant piece of art to advertise your group’s meetings/website/social media as there is enough space at the bottom to do this.  We will send a copy of this poster to any person making a donation of $11 for US and Canada ($15 for other countries); $22 (or $30 for other countries) for 3 copies (please email us at info@fluoridealert.org  for rates for other bulk orders).  Let us know if you would like to frame this poster so we can mail it in a tube.

Once in your hands you can do several things to participate in the competition and to get the message out:

1)   Take the poster downtown and have a friend take a photo of yourself (or family members) holding the poster in front of a building or landmark that people will identify with your town. Then send it to us electronically at info@fluoridealert.org . We can make a display of these from around the country and around the world on our home page.

2)   Secure permission to pin this poster up on a bulletin board somewhere. You could try your place of worship; a bookstore; a health-food store; a library, a university; or even a doctor’s or dentist’s office. You are going to have some lively discussions, so take a copy of our book or one of our videos with you! Take a photo of the poster in place and send it to us.

3)   In addition to a photo keep a written or video diary of your poster-posting journey.  You could be FAN’s Michael Moore!

4)   We will have prizes for the best photos and the best diaries (deadline midnight Dec 24).

5)   You can order more posters or print extra copies yourself by requesting the artwork at info@fluoridealert.org .

While we try to introduce fun into our efforts we all know too well that ending fluoridation worldwide is a very serious and important campaign. Unlike our opponents we do not have to resort to spin and subterfuge. Our aim is to educate and our arguments are logical, open, transparent; ethical and scientifically based.  Indeed, our web page is jam-packed with scientific information. Our spokespersons are able and willing to take on any fluoridation proponent in public debate – and that is why our opponents almost invariably refuse to do so. But all of this takes money.

Please consider donating to our efforts today!

Thank you all for everything you do. And please have fun doing it!


Paul Connett, PhD
Senior Advisor / Director of 2015 Fundraising

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