BUNBURY people are desperate to have their say on whether the city should have fluoridated tap water but the health department has not confirmed when their views will be heard.

Alarming statistics which revealed that Bunbury children’s teeth are decaying at twice the rate of Perth children were published in last week’s Bunbury Mail.

A local dentist said the fluoridation of the local water supply would alleviate this problem.

Many Bunbury residents wrote to the Mail to express their fears about the dangers of fluoridated water.

Bunbury resident Olys Kowal said he had completed research on fluoridated water and was “dead against it” as he feared for the safety of his grandchildren.

“From what I understand the substance used would be sodium fluoride, which is a byproduct of the aluminum industry – it’s a poison,” he said.

Mr Kowal believes that any dental problems in Bunbury children were the result of too much sugar in the diet.

South West Dental Convocation president Tim Croft can not believe that Bunbury does not have a fluoridated drinking water supply.

“As dentists, on a daily basis we see decay and infection at levels well above those in you would find in Perth and other fluoridated areas,” he said.

“I have never heard of anyone presenting with fluoride poisoning in WA but we dental workers are bombarded with people with potentially life threatening infections due to dental caries.”

Mr Kowal said he feared for the health of his grandchildren if fluoride is introduced to local water supplies.

“It’s not going to worry me, but it will definitely worry my grandkids.”

The health department could not confirm when the new round of community consultation would take place in Bunbury.

A department spokes-person said no action would be taken until the views of the community were taken into consideration.