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Bundaberg: Meeting hears lack of fluoride is ‘soul-destroying stuff’

Source: Bundaberg NewsMail | January 11th, 2013 | By Vanessa Marsh
Location: Australia

INFO NIGHT: Dr Margaret Young speaks at the pro-fluoride meeting held at the Bundaberg Health Promotions building.

ABOUT 60 people gathered at a meeting last night to hear health professionals speak on the hot topic of fluoride.

Speaker Dr Michael Foley, the director of Brisbane Dental Hospital, told the audience the science on fluoride was clear.

“This is what I’ve spent too much of my life doing – ripping teeth out of little kiddies,” Dr Foley said.

“It’s soul destroying stuff.”

Dr Foley said the introduction of fluoride into Bundaberg’s water supply could reduce the high rate of “drill and fill” dentistry.

“Bundaberg needs this health benefit,” he said.

Dr Foley pointed out that those who opposed fluoride were a “small but vocal minority”.

“Is that minority entitled to impose those health and financial costs on the rest of the community?,” he said.

Dr Foley said while most professional medical groups supported fluoride, you’d be flat out trying to find a reputable medical association that opposed water fluoridation.

“Is there ever any opposition from reputable health groups?,” he asked.

“This is a debate where there is no grey area.

“Science does not support them (anti-fluoride activists) science is on this side.”