A Burwell man trying to recall three elected officials is starting the process again. There was an error in the number of signatures Donald M. Jones was told he needed to collect, said Linda Heermann, Garfield County election commissioner.

Jones is trying to recall Burwell Mayor Charles Cone, Ward 1 Council Member Terry Cone and Ward 2 Council Member Carolyn DeBaets.

Heermann said Jones turned in the petitions but did not have enough signatures, possibly due to an error in the number he was told was required.

Earlier Heermann had said that 44 valid signatures were required to trigger a recall election for DeBaets, 82 valid signatures for Terry Cone and 112 for Charles Cone. Instead, the numbers needed are 84 for DeBaets, 118 for Terry Cone and 210 for Charles Cone.

Jones again filed his paperwork to recall the three officials on July 15, Heermann said, adding that she is now waiting for rebuttal from DeBaets, Terry Cone and Charles Cone.

Each petition again states that the official “has failed to allow the public to vote and decide democratically whether to prohibit the addition of fluoride to the drinking water of the city of Burwell and has failed to keep the public adequately informed on important issues affecting the safety, health and well-being of city residents.”

In 2008, the Legislature passed a law requiring cities with populations of more than 1,000 to add fluoride to the water supply. It allowed communities to opt out of the requirement by 2010.

If enough signatures are collected, Burwell voters would then decide whether to oust the three in a special election.