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Byron deputy mayor wants fluoride decision revisited

Source: The Northern Star | September 5th, 2013 | By Megan Kinninment
Location: Australia

BYRON Shire’s deputy mayor Diane Woods is calling on her council to revisit the issue of fluoridating the shire’s water supply.

Cr Woods said she had opposed the council’s 2009 decision to maintain non-fluoridation and its decision to instead advise residents to use fluoridated toothpaste and she wants a more thorough investigation into the issue.

“I will put forward a notice at our next meeting that we receive more information on fluoridation and hear from the experts.

“We need to give due consideration to both sides of the issue,” Cr Woods said.

“My understanding is that some of the myths against fluoridation have now been debunked and we have heard this week that doctors from Lismore have spoken out in favour of fluoride.”

Cr Woods said she has also written to Rous Water general manager, Kyme Lavelle, to ask what chemicals were already going into the water supply to get a fuller picture.

“We have fluoride already in our water, but it is not at high enough levels to protect our kids’ teeth,” she said.

“My understanding is you have to ingest fluoride to get its benefits, but accessing fluoride tablets is not easy.

“There’s a lack of public dental assistance for those with very bad teeth and it can have devastating effects physically and psychologically.”

Lismore City Council will debate fluoridation again next week, while Ballina Shire Council voted last month to fluoridate.