THE majority of Calderdale councillors have voted against fluoride being added to the borough’s water.

A motion put forward to the full council meeting on Wednesday evening means that towns such as Elland and Brighouse will have more power to reject attempts by the area’s health authority to put fluoride in the water.

The idea to oppose Fluoridation, backed by Rastrick councillor Craig Whittaker, was supported by 45 of the borough’s 51 councillors.

Clr Whittaker said: “I am absolutely delighted that the vast majority of councillors were able to support this motion which reinforces the stance we have adopted since the 1970s.

“This motion also ensures that if the Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Health Authority (SHA) decides to progress with its plans, the council will be able to undertake its own public consultation to ensure all residents can have their voice heard.

“There were half a dozen councillors who didn’t lend their name to the motion, but I think everyone voted with their conscience.”

The motion came as NHS Kirklees and Bradford health trust are both considering adding fluoride to local water.

As Calderdale is sandwiched in between the two authorities, councillors fear their water supply could be affected too and that the chemical will be added by default.

Clr Whittaker added: “If the SHA decide they are going to go ahead with it, they will have to do a full consultation.

“We put forward the idea that we will do a consultation to make sure that every possible way to get people involved is covered.”

The councillor has already formed a website allowing people to add their names to a petition opposing the idea, which can be found at

Petitions have also been started throughout the Calderdale area against the idea.