CALGARY — Premier Jason Kenney is scheduled to unveil details regarding referendum questions that will add to already large ballots when Albertans head to the polls for municipal elections on Oct. 18.

The province has previously announced there will be a question on the fairness of equalization payments that the premier believes unfairly compensates other provinces with wealth generated in Alberta.

The provincial government has hinted at potentially asking Albertans to vote on eliminating time changes, the creation of a provincial police force to replace the RCMP and withdrawing Alberta from the Canada Pension Plan.

Ending equalization payments is not within provincial jurisdiction as it would require the removal of the arrangement from the constitution, a move that would need to be approved by the House of Commons, the Senate, and at least two-thirds of the provincial legislative assemblies.

Kenney has stated the vote would make Albertans’ views on equalization a ‘political fact’ that could lead to further negotiations with Ottawa.

The Oct. 18 ballot will ask Albertans whether senators should be elected instead of being federally appointed.

In Calgary, the voting process will include selecting a mayor from a field of 20 current candidates and a question on potentially returning fluoride to drinking water

The province has pledged $10 million to help municipalities deal with the added cost of referendum questions

Kenney’s referendum announcement is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. A livestream of the announcement will be available on the CTV News Calgary website.