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Call for fluoridated water referendum in Ballarat

Source: 774 ABC Radio (Melbourne) | October 24th, 2007
Location: Australia

An academic from an American university is calling for residents of Ballarat to ask for a referendum to decide if the city’s water supply should be fluoridated.

The Victorian State Government is pushing to add fluoride to the region’s water supply.

Professor Paul Connett told a meeting of about 150 residents last night, that scientists have proven the detrimental health effects of adding fluoride.

Professor Connett says a referendum is the only way to resolve the issue.

“People here are seeing democracy torn up in front of their faces,” he said at the meeting in Ballarat.

“It’s making them angry in Warrnambool, it’s making them angry in Ballarat, it’s making them angry in Geelong,” said Professor Connett.

“There’s going to be a heavy price to pay when you separate honest science from public policy and when you separate people from decisions which affect their health,” he said.