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Cambridge City council discusses fluoride

Source: Connersville News Examiner | December 13th, 2017 | By Darrell Smith
Location: United States, Indiana


CAMBRIDGE CITY — A vacancy will be forthcoming on the Cambridge City Town Council in February as the result of a member moving out of the town limits…

The Council approved $9,000 to pressure wash the water tower in Cambridge City in the spring. Public Works Manager Doug Young recommended Leary Construction of Greenfield.

Young asked if the council wanted to continue to treat the town’s water with fluoride.

The pump on the equipment that injects the fluoride into the water needs to be replaced but before spending about $2,000 to $3,000, he wanted to make sure the town still wanted fluoride.

“It’s been a little controversial whether people wanted it in the water or not,” he said. “We have a natural fluoride level of about .2 parts per million and we run at state recommendations of .7 parts per million. We check it every day.”

He said fluoride has been added to the water since about 1945.

A decision will be made at a special meeting at the end of the month, Dec. 28 at 4 p.m…

*Original article, titled Cambridge City council member to resign, online at http://www.newsexaminer.com/news/local/cambridge-city-council-member-to-resign/article_379df40e-43cc-509d-b0a2-92d7db6661ab.html