Campaigners from Greater Manchester have reacted angrily to the news that Andy Burnham MP for Leigh has accepted an invitation to become a Vice-President of the British Fluoridation Society. The MP has led the campaign in the House of Commons to push through legislation which gives new powers to strategic health authorities to instruct water companies to fluoridate water supplies.

But opponents of the move say that plans to fluoridate Manchester’s water supplies are illegal, violate human rights and would cause widespread dental fluorosis. “The Government’s own study found 48% of children living in fluoridated areas suffer this dental condition which affects tooth enamel
resulting in mottling and pitting of teeth. Dental fluorosis is caused by over-exposure to fluorides. This is clear evidence of poisoning,” said Steve Clark of Manchester Against Fluoridation.

“Mr Burnham’s acceptance of a position with the British Fluoridation Society is a disgrace. It is a slap in the face for his constituents and the people of Greater Manchester who overwhelmingly do not want to be medicated without their consent via their kitchen taps. We all have the right to refuse medication and this is a clear violation of that right” said Steve.

In recent polls by the Manchester Evening News respondents voted 67% Against Fluoridation. In the Lancashire Evening Telegraph in September, 96.5% of people were against . “Mr Burnham seems more concerned with his own agenda than the rights and welfare of the electorate. He has made a grave error of judgement. People expect integrity from their elected representative, this looks like a reward for services rendered to the fluoridation lobby”.

Public hostility to the move has become more apparent since the launch of a Yellow Card Campaign by the National Pure Water Association. The card can be filled in and sent to Sir Richard Evans the Chairman of United Utilities seeking assurances that the company will not fluoridate supplies. It warns that customers will have no choice but to fit a reverse osmosis filter at a cost of between £450-£600 and deduct a sum off each water bill until the filter is paid for. United Utilities has been inundated with cards from thousands of concerned customers.

Jane Jones of the NPWA said that “Politicians are elected to protect the rights of the people they represent. Mr Burnham is treating his constituents with contempt by riding roughshod over their rights. This is indicative of a totalitarian mindset. The people of Manchester should be concerned about their health, their rights and their democracy”.

Manchester Against Fluoridation will be intensifying the campaign over the coming months with public meetings and days of action throughout the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area. “The Government have made it clear that Manchester will be the first to be fluoridated under the new law. As far as we are concerned the gloves are off”, said Steve. ” This is enforced mass medication and we are not having any of it. We will not allow the state to steal our right to refuse medication. If they get away with this what will be next?”

If you would like to join the campaign against fluoridation please contact 0161-370-4712