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Can Mouthwash Really Help With Maskne?

Source: By Leah Muncy | February 3rd, 2021


… If you are interested in adding an antiseptic mouthwash to your beauty routine, not all mouthwashes are created equal, Dr. Mello warns. “Mouthwashes with alcohol and fluoride have been associated with perioral dermatitis, which can mimic acne or maskne,” she explains. “If you are rinsing with a fluoride or alcohol rinse, and then you put your mask on, it’s going to rub onto your face. It will kill some bacteria, but it might actually cause dermatitis.” The mouthwashes that are safest for skin, she says, are those without alcohol or fluoride and ones that aren’t formulated for tartar control, which tend to be harsh on skin. “Ingredients like peppermint, thyme, echinacea, eucalyptus, even lavender, those are all antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, without the drying effect of alcohol,” she says. “If you breathe those out onto your mask, and then it gets onto your face, it’s not going to cause too many problems.” …

*Full article online at https://nymag.com/strategist/article/mouthwashes-for-maskne.html